Meinel Legal focuses on supporting initiatives which helps individuals to live a healthier lifestyle and to build up the community spirit. Because of this we have among other things supported:

  • Arctic Winter Games 2016
    The Games celebrate arctic sports, social exchange and cultures. They are held every other year and is hosted by Nuuk in 2016. The athletes compete in the common winter sports, but what makes the games unique are the competition in Arctic Sports and Dene Games as they rarely are seen outside the Arctic.
    Each year Arctic Winter Games presents a special trophy, the Hodgson Trophy to the contingent whose athletes best exemplify the ideals of fair play and team spirit.
    Read more about Arctic Winter Games here: http://awg2016.org/en/
  • Maaji Nuan! Nuuk
    Maaji Nuan! is a local initiative focusing on bringing happiness, community spirit and a healthier lifestyle, by offering free activities through-out the month of May. The initiative startet in Nuuk, but has since then also taken place in some of the other towns. In each town a committee of volunteers arrange and compile all the activities in that town. B-67 by Finn Meinel is responsible for the events in Nuuk. In recent years Maaji Nuan! has focused on helping ones with social difficulties, like homeless people, handicapped and elderly to exercise more and on supporting those who already do so.
    Read more about Maaji Nuan! on facebook: Maaji Nuan Nuuk