Real Estate Deals

Are you about to buy or sell a house? Did the real estate agent ask you to find a lawyer to assist in preparing the deed? Then we can definitely help you. Meinel Legal have many years of experience in real estate deals, whether it is through a real estate agent or not.

When you, as a buyer, have received the purchase agreement and are going to decide whether to buy the house or not, it is always best to have your lawyer read it through before you sign the deal. He can explain to you what the exact meaning of the conditions is and he can guide you in regard to the legal issues in the agreement.

After the purchase agreement have been signed, a deed needs to be prepared and registered at the court. In some deals mortgages or land allotment are transferred to the new owner. Your lawyer will care for preparing the needed documents and that they are signed. After that he will care for communicating with the bank, real estate agent, the other part and forwarding the deed. When the deed has been registered finally, he will close the case and you can bring home the original deed.