Business Terms

The business terms apply to all legal tasks handled by Meinel Legal for its client unless other written agreement has been concluded with the client.

Meinel Legal defines the task to be handled for the client in cooperation with the client. A task may cover one or several legal services for the same client or for several clients. In this connection it will specified what work the law firm is to perform, which partner and which other employees will be attached to the case.

The fee will be determined on the basis of the nature and scope of the work involved, the liability entailed in such work, the value of the subject-matter of the case, the importance of the case to the client, the time spent on handling the case and the results achieved. It will be decided on a case-by-case basis whether or not Meinel Legall will ask for payment of a deposit in security of the fee charged by the office. If a deposit is paid, such deposit will be paid into a client account. No VAT is charged.

We settle accounts at fixed, short intervals as agreed with the client. As a general rule, invoicing on account takes place each calendar quarter.

The terms of payment are net 14 days from the invoice date. In the event of delay in payment, interest will be charged in compliance with the rules of the Act on Interest Rates.

In addition to the fee, the client pays costs and disbursements which we have defrayed as part of performing the task, including for example court fees and charges, travel and accommodation costs and certain costs of copying and dispatch. It depends on the size of the amount involved and the client relation whether the amount will be disbursed or whether prepayment of the amount will be requested.

Meinel Legal, inclusive of the partners and employees of the law firm, carries out the task in compliance with the provisions on the conduct and ethics of lawyers stipulated in the Administration of Justice Act and in compliance with the lawyers’ ethical rules specified by the General Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

All employees in Meinel Legal are under a duty of secrecy in relation to third parties as far as the contents and nature of the cases handled by the law firm are concerned; this also applies to information provided by the client and on the client unless the information in question is not of a confidential nature in the given circumstances. We have set up special security procedures to safeguard sensitive and confidential material.

The client’s original documents are forwarded to the client when the task has been completed. Case documents will be kept for 5 years after completion of the task.

All client money is managed in compliance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society and is deposited in client accounts. Interest accrued on the client account belongs to the client in compliance with rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

We do not accept cases entailing any a conflict of interest between the clients of our law firm. Before we accept a task for a client, we check for potential conflicts of interest with existing clients. If a conflict of interest arises, we refer the client to another lawyer.

Meinel Legal has taken out a statutory liability insurance policy with a recognised insurance company which covers our advisory services. The liability of the law firm is limited to the maximum sum of the insurance policy. The insurance sum has been increased compared to the statutory minimum cover. Clients with an interest in this are welcome to be informed of the insurance sum applicable at any time. It will be possible to specifically increase the insurance cover in the event that a client requests the law firm to assume extended liability.

The following limitation of liability applies: The liability does not cover indirect loss, inclusive of, among other things, operational loss, loss of time, loss of profit, loss of data, loss of goodwill and image. The liability does not cover penalties or similar, whether such penalties accrue to public authorities or to private individuals or enterprises (punitive damages). The liability does not include liability for other advisors to whom, according to agreement with the client, we have passed on parts of the task or whom the client has taken on according to our referral. The total compensation or damages for the consequence of one loss occurrence cannot exceed the maximum of the insurance. Consequences of one loss occurrence are defined as all claims arising out of the same continued or repeated actionable circumstances, regardless of whether one or several of the individuals for whom we are liable have incurred liability, and regardless of whether one or several injured parties have set up a claim as a result of the actionable circumstances.

The client is entitled to use the specific written material produced by the law firm when handling the case, but Meinel Legal holds and retains all copyrights and other industrial property rights to the material.

Meinel Legal is a member of the Danish Bar and Law Society and of the professional association of attorneys in Greenland.