About us

Meinel Legal is placed in Nuuk, Greenland. We cooperate with other law firms in Denmark and abroad when this is appropriate in view of the nature and scope of the task involved. On request, clients may receive information on the law firm’s guidelines on the filing and handling of confidential information.

We are members of:

  • Danish Bar and Law Society
  • Professional Association of Attorneys in Greenland
  • The Society: ‘Bestyrelsesadvokater’
  • Society of Danish Defence Lawyers

A professional liability insurance policy with an insurance sum exceeding the statutory minimum cover has been taken out. In individual cases, increased insurance sums may be specifically agreed if requested by the client.

Meinel Legal cooperates with several Danish and Law Firms from other countries and is therefore in a position to offer local knowledge and Greenlandic legal competence combined with other Law Firms’ resources and specialist knowledge.

The owner of the law firm is Finn Meinel, Attorney at Law.

Finn Meinel, Attorney at Law is Greenlandic and has previously lived in Denmark and in the US. He has worked in the business since 1996. Finn Meinel has mainly worked with providing advisory services to business enterprises and companies on a variety of issues, including company law, Corporate Governance, board-, shareholder- and management-related issues, the drafting of contracts and negotiations as well as the purchase and sale of enterprises. Finn Meinel has, among other things, assisted companies within the fishing industry, the tourist industry, mineral exploration, IT as well as building and construction. Finn Meinel holds a number of management and honorary offices. Finn Meinel also has a huge experience as a defence lawyer and teaches on a course held for defence counselors every year by the Court in Greenland .

Privately Finn Meinel is an active sportsman focusing on long-distance endurance sports with several participations in the Arctic Circle Race and the Kangnu Running Race. In addition to this, he is a mountaineer and has participated in expeditions in, among other places, the Watkins Mountains (East Greenland) and Nepal.

Rebekka Dyrvig, legal secretary, has worked at Meinel Law since 2014. She handles the everyday clerical duties and the real estate deals.

Rebekka is Danish but grew up in Ilulissat. She likes to use her spare time in company with her family and friends.